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Wrapping Up October with Elegance and Utility: Playtex Slips Miederhose and Helikon-Tex M65 Trousers at Eurolots

As we bid farewell to October and prepare for the crispness of November, it’s time to redefine style and functionality in retail. This week at Eurolots, we’re proud to present a harmonious blend of feminine elegance with the Playtex Slips Traditional Shaping Miederhose and rugged durability with the Helikon-Tex M65 Trousers. Whether you’re a reseller looking to captivate your audience with “women’s wholesale clothing” or aiming to entice the outdoor and military enthusiasts with “wholesale men’s clothing,” our curated selections are sure to make a statement. Elevate your offerings and greet the new month with these outstanding choices!

Helikon-Tex M65 Trousers in Olive Green

  • SKU: EU B07H4FS898
  • Description: Introducing the Helikon-Tex M65 Trousers, tailored for outdoor enthusiasts and military personnel. Crafted in NyCo Satee in a classic Olive Green, these trousers are a blend of style, durability, and comfort. Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures and military operations, they’re perfect for those who demand the best in men’s clothing.
  • Condition: The trousers are brand new, ensuring top-notch quality for our customers.
  • Pricing: Listed on Amazon for €62,31, we’re offering them at a competitive price of €27,64 (VAT Excluded).
  • Additional Features: The trousers come with an option to watch and negotiate, giving you the flexibility to get the best deal.

For resellers specializing in “men’s wholesale clothing” or individuals looking for premium quality outdoor trousers, this is an exceptional offering. At Helikon-Tex, we believe in delivering the best, and these M65 trousers are a testament to our commitment to quality and value. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to enhance your collection or gear up  your customers for the next adventure.

Playtex Slips Traditional Shaping Miederhose for Women

  • SKU: EU B007PJ578E BD
  • Description: A traditional shaping Miederhose by Playtex, designed to offer the perfect fit for women. This product seamlessly combines comfort with style, ensuring you feel confident and look your best. It belongs to our Women’s Clothing category and is an excellent addition to any woman’s wardrobe.
  • Condition: This product’s box is damaged, possibly due to packaging or transportation issues. There might be some signs of usage or minor defects in the item itself. However, the integrity and functionality of the Miederhose remain uncompromised.
  • Original Price: €18,91. In our special promotion, we’re offering a whopping 95% discount, bringing the price down to an incredible €0,88 (VAT Excluded)!

For resellers and individuals alike, this is a golden opportunity to acquire a high-quality product at an unbeatable price. Whether you’re looking to expand your product offerings or simply want a quality Miederhose for personal use, this deal is too good to pass up.

At Eurolots, we take pride in curating products that resonate with the changing seasons and evolving consumer needs. As we transition from October to November, our selected offerings reflect a blend of style, comfort, and practicality. Partner with us and elevate your retail experience, ensuring your customers enjoy only the best as they step into the new month. Here’s to a successful and stylish November ahead!