Elevate your retail selection with our weekly bestsellers in the shoes and clothing category, handpicked for resellers like you at Eurolots. This week, we spotlight the rugged elegance of the DOLOMITE Chaqueta MS 76 Fitzroy Giacca in Earth Brown/Burnt Orange, a must-have for any fashion-forward customer looking for durability and style. Alongside, we feature the robust Helly Hansen Manchester Mid S3 Safety Boot, a blend of safety and comfort for the modern worker.

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Unlock Exceptional Wholesale Deals on Top-Tier Fashion with EuroLots

EuroLots presents an unparalleled opportunity for resellers to elevate their inventories with high-quality fashion finds. This week, we spotlight two exceptional products that promise to be lucrative additions to your collections: the DOLOMITE Chaqueta MS 76 Fitzroy Jacket and the Helly Hansen Workwear Unisex Manchester Mid S3 Safety Boot.

DOLOMITE Chaqueta MS 76 Fitzroy Jacket: A Synthesis of Style and Comfort
EAN: 7615523273959
Condition: Brand New

Crafted from 100% polyamide and insulated with premium down, this Earth Brown/Burnt Orange DOLOMITE jacket combines functionality with a lifestyle aesthetic. Windproof and water-repellent, it’s designed for those who seek both adventure and style. With a substantial price drop to €70,00 VAT Excl., this jacket offers incredible value.

Helly Hansen Workwear Unisex Manchester Mid S3 Safety Boot: Durable Protection Meets

Modern Design
SKU: EU B09Z2R9414
EAN: 7040057078556
Condition: Brand New

The Helly Hansen Safety Boot is more than footwear—it’s a fortress for your feet. Its metal-free nail penetration protection and reflective details ensure safety, while the moisture-wicking lining and lightweight cushioning affirm comfort. Available for €61,02 VAT Excl., it’s a wholesale bargain not to be missed if compared to Amazon price €131,19. Not to mention to best deal for first order at Eurolots €30,51 VAT Excl.

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