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Eurolots is excited to present our newest wholesale offers to the market: household supplies that blend efficiency with practicality. Dive into newest arrivals that promise not just great quality but also significant profit opportunities for resellers. Explore these products and boost your business potential with unbeatable wholesale deals.

Category Spotlight: Household Supplies

Our inventory now includes the Finish Dishwasher Anti-Limescale, known for its powerful cleaning capabilities and protective properties. Available at a wholesale price of only €1.29 VAT Excl., this product sells on Az for €10.48, providing a lucrative margin for resellers. Its unique formula not only cleans but also preserves the shine and color of your dishes, ensuring they look new after every wash.

Another exciting addition is the Bryza 5-in-1 Color Wash Capsules, priced at only €3.12 VAT Excl.

These capsules are designed to make laundry easier, with a special formula that enables faster and easier ironing by softening fabric fibers. With an estimated selling price of €27.07 on Az, the potential for profit is substantial.

These products are not just about cleaning; they are about offering comfort and convenience while ensuring high-quality results. They provide resellers with an excellent opportunity to cater to households looking for efficient and effective cleaning solutions.

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