Eurolots is thrilled to introduce a premier selection of helmets in our latest wholesale offerings. Dive into a world where safety meets style with our Helmet Wholesale Collection. This lineup features top-notch helmets from renowned brands, ensuring that every ride is safe and stylish.

Category Spotlight: Sporting Goods - Helmets

Our inventory includes the LS2 OF562 Airflow L Camo Casco jet, known for its lightweight and aerodynamic design, available at a wholesale price of €21.16 VAT Excl., with a potential retail price of €83.68. This helmet offers excellent ventilation and comfort, making it an ideal choice for resellers looking to cater to motorcycling enthusiasts.

Bestsellers Introduction

Among the standout items, the SCHUBERTH C4 Pro Carbon Fusion Flip-Up Helmet combines durability with a sleek design. Offered at a wholesale price of €135.00 VAT Excl., this helmet is crafted from advanced carbon materials, providing superior protection and style at a market price of €357.78.

Another highlight is the Nolan N80-8 Rumble N-Com Full Face Helmet, featuring state-of-the-art safety features and a modern design, available for just €162.29 VAT Excl. With its innovative ventilation system and comfort-enhancing interior, it promises great margins with a selling price of up to €251.28.

These helmets are not just protective gear; they're a blend of comfort, style, and affordability. They offer resellers a fantastic opportunity to attract both casual riders and serious motorcycling aficionados.

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