At Eurolots, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in providing optimal logistics solutions to our customers. With our robust network and strategic partnerships, we ensure seamless and efficient shipping for your wholesale and liquidation needs.

Trusted Shipping Partners

We have established strong partnerships with leading shipping companies such as DHL, TNT, FedEx, and Schenker. These collaborations enable us to offer reliable and timely delivery of boxes, pallets, and LTL shipments to our diverse clientele.

December 2023 Shipping Preview at Eurolots

For illustrative purposes, we present a snapshot of shipping estimates for December 8, 2023, using Schenker services for . These are not fixed quotes and may vary.

Estimated Shipping Costs and Times

Refer to the table below for approximate costs and delivery times associated with Eurolot-18318:

Country Cost Delivery Time
Austria (AT) – Vienna €110 3-4 DAYS
Belgium (BE) – Brussels €170 4-5 DAYS
Bulgaria (BG) – Sofia €30 1-2 DAYS
Croatia (HR) – Zagreb €140 3-4 DAYS
Czechia (CZ) – Prague €130 4-5 DAYS
Denmark (DK) – Copenhagen €200 4-5 DAYS
Estonia (EE) – Tallinn €170 4-5 DAYS
Finland (FI) – Helsinki €185 7-8 DAYS
France (FR) – Paris €160 4-5 DAYS
Germany (DE) – Berlin €150 3-4 DAYS
Greece (GR) – Athens €140 4-5 DAYS
Hungary (HU) – Budapest €100 2-3 DAYS
Ireland (IE) – Dublin €200 9-11 DAYS
Italy (IT) – Rome €150 4-5 DAYS
Latvia (LV) – Riga €115 6-18 DAYS
Lithuania (LT) – Vilnius €140 4-5 DAYS
Netherlands (NL) – Amsterdam €180 3-4 DAYS
Poland (PL) – Warsaw €110 3-4 DAYS
Portugal (PT) – Lisbon €250 7-8 DAYS
Romania (RO) – Bucharest €110 2-3 DAYS
Slovakia (SK) – Bratislava €130 4-5 DAYS
Slovenia (SI) – Ljubljana €110 3-4 DAYS
Spain (ES) – Madrid €220 7-8 DAYS
Sweden (SE) – Stockholm €240 4-5 DAYS

Extensive European and Global Reach

Our services span across Europe, offering efficient ground service throughout the continent. Additionally, for our customers beyond Europe, we provide express courier options. The typical transit times are as follows:

  • Central Europe: Approximately 4-5 working days
  • Western Europe and the UK: Around 6-7 working days
  • Northern Europe and the Baltic regions: Up to 7 working days

Transparent and Customizable Shipping Rates

Eurolots believes in transparency and flexibility. You can conveniently receive an exact shipping charge upon checkout, or request a personalized shipping quote. Here’s an example of our shipping rates for a specific LOT to various countries:

Choose Eurolots for your clothing, electronics, and appliance wholesale needs and experience the pinnacle of shipping efficiency. Our commitment to excellence ensures your products arrive safely and on time, every time.

For specific needs and faster delivery options, contact your sales account manager. We’re committed to tailoring our logistics to your business requirements.