We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our wholesale inventory: the 32MP WiFi Wildlife Camera. Designed for the discerning shopper in your store who seeks a closer connection with nature, this camera represents a stellar opportunity for both our retail partners and their customers.

Product Overview

The 32MP WiFi Wildlife Camera stands out with its ability to capture breathtaking 32MP photos and 1080P HD videos, offering an unobtrusive view into the natural world. Its superior night vision capabilities, courtesy of 40 infrared LED lights, ensure clear footage up to 100ft in total darkness, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, naturalists, and homeowners.

Profit Opportunity

Priced at €50.00 VAT Excl., following a recent 30% price drop from €71.99, this camera presents a significant profit opportunity for our resellers. With its high demand features and competitive pricing, it's an attractive offering for your store's lineup.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Infrared Night Vision: Captures clear footage in total darkness, ensuring natural animal behavior is observed without disturbance.
  • Lightning Fast Trigger Speed: With a 0.1 second trigger speed, it captures every moment, ensuring your customers don't miss any wildlife action.
  • Durable and Weatherproof: Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, offering years of reliable use.
  • Versatile and User-Friendly: Offers time lapse recording, timestamp, timer settings, and easy WiFi setup and sharing, catering to a variety of outdoor monitoring needs.

Investing in the 32MP WiFi Wildlife Camera means offering your customers a window to the world's wonders. With its exceptional imaging capabilities, rugged design, and ease of use, it's not just a product but an experience to add to your store. Embrace this opportunity to cater to the growing market of wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

For more details or to place your order, reach out today and discover how this camera can enhance your product range and profits. Be sure to check the camera`s category with our wholesale offers.

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