Taurus AC 3100 KT - High-Efficiency 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

The Taurus 956309000 AC 3100 KT redefines indoor climate control with its cutting-edge 3-in-1 functionality, combining air conditioning, dehumidification, and ventilation in one portable unit. Designed for spaces up to 22 m², this air conditioner efficiently cools and dehumidifies, making it ideal for residential and office settings. It stands out with its impressive 2250 fg cooling capacity and a dehumidification capability of 31 liters per 24 hours, ensuring a comfortable environment even in the hottest months.

Product Options

The Taurus 956309000 AC 3100 KT offers versatility to suit various user needs. It features a generous cooling power of 9600 BTUs, making it effective for rooms up to 22 m². The unit's color scheme, 'Without Heat,' aligns with its cool air functionality, and it is powered through a corded electric source for consistent performance.

Profit Opportunity

Wholesale buyers stand to benefit significantly from the Taurus AC 3100 KT. With a purchase price of €200.00 VAT Excl. per unit and a MSRP of €631.00, resellers can anticipate a substantial profit margin. Given the product's competitive selling price of €535.60 on Amazon, resellers have the flexibility to offer attractive pricing while still ensuring profitability.

Unlock the potential of your appliance business with the Taurus AC 3100 KT Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner. Seize this opportunity to cater to the growing demand for efficient, eco-friendly cooling solutions. Place your bulk order now and start capitalizing on the summer season!