This week, Eurolots brings you exclusive offers on pet care products, perfect for resellers targeting pet owners. Our featured items include cleaning wipes and catnip products, ensuring something special for every furry friend.

Vetocanis 72 x Dog and Cat Cleaning Wipes

  • Category: Pet Toys
  • Brand: Vetocanis
  • Wholesale Price: €0.90 (VAT Excl.)
  • Est. Amazon Price: €7.49
  • MSRP: €8.90
  • Features: Plant-based formula, 72 large wipes for eyes, ears, and paws, perfect for all breeds and ages.
  • Special Offer: 50% off on your first order, for orders up to €2000.

Enhance your pet care lineup with the Vetocanis Cleaning Wipes, formulated with natural ingredients like glycerin and aloe vera. These wipes are ideal for daily use, providing a gentle yet effective solution for keeping pets clean.

Canadian Catnip & Silver Wine Mix 28g Bag

  • Category: Pet Food
  • Brand: Canadian Catnip
  • Wholesale Price: €1.01 (VAT Excl.)
  • Est. Amazon Price: €4.79
  • MSRP: €4.79
  • SKU: EU B09XWF6GQ9
  • Features: Stimulating blend of catnip and silver wine, grown in Canada.

The Canadian Catnip & Silver Wine Mix offers a unique blend that is more effective than traditional catnip, providing endless fun and stimulation for your feline friends.

Arquivet Cat and Rodent Grass - Catnip Seeds

  • Category: Pet Food
  • Brand: Arquivet
  • Wholesale Price: €0.31 (VAT Excl.)
  • Est. Amazon Price: €7.40
  • MSRP: €3.40
  • SKU: EU B00KPX5YF8
  • Features: Edible grass that helps with digestion and prevents hairball accumulation.

The Arquivet Catnip Seeds provide a nutritious supplement for cats, aiding in their overall health and wellbeing. It's an excellent addition to any pet care section.

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